Power Go Station

EBattery 500

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Power Go Station



500Wh High energy and high power Lithium-ion Portable Outdoor Charger

EBattery500 is suitable for all types of used in outdoor life. The portable outdoor battery charger provides high-performance stored energy wherever they need it – through solar power.Enjoy electronics or small appliances while camping or tailgating before the big game for smart portable power anywhere.





  • Circuit function protection
  • Optional solar panel
  • Easy to carry
  • Fast charging time
  • Exterior design for any activity
  • Pollution-free environmental protection 

Application scenario

  • Outdoor travel
  • Music media 
  • Camping picnic
  • Wilderness adventure
  • Medical rescue
  • Media photography
  • Fire disaster relief
  • Scientific research

Application range

  • LED Lights( 3W 12V)   
  • Smart phone( 5-7Wh)
  • Tablet( 25- 42Wh) 
  • DVD Player(20-25W)
  • Laptop Computer(50W)   
  • Electric Fans(50W)
  • Audio(40W)
  • Desktop Computer(100W)  
  • 32 inch LCD TV(98-156W)
  • 200 Liters Refrigerator



  • Input Voltage(V):25.2V
  • Rated Energy:578Wh
  • Cell Type:                  18650 Lithium-ion
  • Capacity (Module):3350mAh
  • Number  of  Batteries:48PCS
  • Number of Batteries:4A
  • Weight:5.65KG
  • Terminated  Charge Current (mA): About 500mA
  • Fully  Charged  Battery Voltage (V):4.2V
  • Charging Time (hrs):      About 6-7 hrs charging with  5V 4A  adapter
  • USB Output:5V 2.1A        (2 ports)
  • Power Off:Press the button
  • Output Voltage/ Current:12V 10A
  • -discharge:-10℃~40℃
  • -charge:0℃~40℃
  • Storage  ambient temperature:-20℃~45℃ / 3 months

BMS Battery Management System

All-round protection

Overcharge protection


Overcurrent protection

Over discharge protection

Short circuit protection

Product Appearance Description

Optional Solar Panel

Application Layer

Camping equipment

Computer equipment

Portable electronic device