Energy Storage System

GPower 50

  • GPower50


The PA battery system has been designed to suit the various power and energy requirements of a large variety of applicants. It is designed by integrating new concepts in green energy with cutting-edge battery technologies in order to be more environmentally friendly and increase efficiency and profitability. 
The Power Active LFPO Battery System integrates power, safety, management and communication. It is designed as a stand-alone rack module battery system with minor maintenance energy storage in a reduced volume, combining safety and high operational reliability with outstanding lifetime under the most difficult environmental conditions.  

The advanced LFPO battery technology offers high energy density, high capacity, discharge stability, low self-discharge rate, fast chargeability, long life cycle, high security, low cost of production and environmental friendly and it is recommended to be the best power and safety management industrial design. 
For the same ageing effect, Power Active LFPO battery system offers more than 3000 cycles at 100% DOD(depth of discharge)or more than 8500 cycles at 30% DOD when still remain 80% total capacity.
The Power Active battery system is developed as module design and enables the battery configuration to be adapted readily to match various requirements of energy and voltage.